Out On The Land is a weekly, half-hour television series which includes video segments from a variety of farms, ranches and other lands.  The owner/manager (steward) of the land is featured and conservation practices are highlighted and discussed while “Out On The Land.”

We hope you will join us each week as we travel our great country to see farmers and ranchers making America even more beautiful and productive.

Take care of the land and it will take care of you.

Out On The Land informs, educates, and entertains by:

  • Showcasing farmers and ranchers who are excellent stewards of their land and its resources.
  • Featuring innovative conservation practices
  • Providing practical conservation information to farmers, ranchers, and others for use on their lands.
  • Highlight the benefits of conservation stewardship to all citizens through the efforts of farmers and ranchers on their private lands.  Those benefits include, food and fiber production, improved water quantity and quality, soil conservation, healthy wildlife habitats and populations, clean air, and sustainability of agricultural industries and products.
Out On The Land appeals to a wide range of folks:

Farmers & Ranchers
Land & Resource Managers, and

People Interested in:
Rural Lifestyles,
Wildlife, and